The art of Marriage Counselling

Love is an abnormal and irrational behavior of human beings. Love exists in every race, animals and humans except I am not sure if it exists among unicellular organism. But I saw the presence of love in birds too.

The mother bird leaves her nest early in the morning to find food for her young ones.

She returns to her nest and feeds her children herself. Love among human beings is quite different. When adults fall in love, they get married to each other thinking that they will end up spending the rest of their days together happily ever after. However, our reality is not always aligned with our dream for which the reality shatters like a glass and the two once old lovers separate leaving nothing but memories to cherish with.

Marriage is the legal bond between two entities, in which they swear to be there for each other in the good times as well as during the bad times.

Why Couples Partake in Counseling

Some couples impulsively engage themselves in marriage only realizing much later that they are not entirely comfortable with each other and ready to leave each other for good. However, a marriage is considered to be sacred and respectful, instead of separation a couple can seek for help to bring mutuality and harmony between them and for which it gave birth to a new occupation called marriage counselling.

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Marriage counsellors bring in the two parties (the man and the wife) and let them talk about the problems and difficulties each other faced when they were together, and based on their wants and needs, the counsellor guides them and shows a better alternative to bring the couple back together instead of separation. It’s not always about separation, sometimes a married couple is unable to give birth to an offspring as well as unsure about the problem causing impotency between them.

The counsellor brings them under a truce like adopting a child for the goodness of the man as well as the wife.

Being a marriage counsellor is difficult but saving a marriage can be a great blessing too.

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